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Student Discounts You May Have Missed

Stretching your budget just got a whole lot easier with these student discounts you might not know about.

The financial mindset and responsibilities of being a college student can be complicated: you’re in school but you’re also expected to pay for more things than when you were in high school; your parents might still be paying for some things but not others; you may be trying to hold down one or more part-time jobs all year; and you can’t forget about those student loans.

Regardless of your mix of school, work, loans, and help from your parents, one thing is clear: saving more money is always a good thing. Below are some student discounts that could really add up to saving you some serious cash.two girls talking

In most cases, you’ll need to present a valid, current student ID. Some require an international student ID card. Not all stores may offer the listed discount.



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